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Getting ready to send your application? Check our FAQ.

What tips do you have for me as a candidate?
Be yourself, and show us what skills and experience you have to offer. Additionally, try to get to know us as a potential employer: a successful career at Avaloq requires looking at the bigger picture, after all. And, of course, when it comes down to it: we hope you decide that your place is here.

What is your recruitment process?
We’re always happy to receive your application, whether you apply for an open position or come to us via a referral. We also take all applications seriously, reviewing each and every one with an aim to give you an answer no matter which direction we choose.
If we contact you for an interview, bear in mind our recruitment and interview process differ according to each role and location and may include pre-recorded interviews or software tests – in addition to a face-to-face interview. We’ll also provide a full overview of what we require during the recruitment process so that you can prepare yourself for your dream role.

Does Avaloq accept applications from people who need a work permit?
We advise all candidates to make sure they hold a valid work permit for the country where they hope to work.

What matters most when I contact Avaloq?
Your CV is your personal business card. It’s the key to getting an interview and will help us understand who you are and where you might fit in, so we recommend putting in some time before sending it over to us.

If I’m applying for a job in another country, do I need to know the language?
Our business language is English. Unless a job posting mentions a second language as essential, knowing the local language is not a requirement – though it is bound to have its advantages. 

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to Avaloq!