Avaloq 2023 investor survey:

The five dimensions of investor behaviour


The report shines a light on the fundamentals of investor behaviour across six markets in Europe and Asia. It is based on original research carried out by Avaloq in 2023. We conducted an online survey among 3,000 mass-affluent to ultra-high net worth individuals aged 18 and above in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore to understand what motivates them, which investment methods they use, what their attitude to risk is, which types of investment they favour and which sources inform their investment decisions.

13 September 2023

Preview of the Avaloq 2023 investor survey

  • Generating additional income and saving up for old age are the top motivating factors overall. In Switzerland, over half of respondents also invest to pursue their entrepreneurial activities.

  • Advisory services and discretionary portfolio management are the most popular investment methods overall. Germany is an outlier, with online brokers coming out on top.

  • “Balanced” is how over a third of respondents describe their risk approach. By contrast, over a third of investors in Hong Kong label their attitude to risk as “fairly aggressive”.

  • Equities remain the most popular asset class overall and are a particular favourite in the three Asian markets surveyed by Avaloq.

  • Industry professionals are the favoured source of information when making investment decisions in the overall sample. In Germany and Japan, investors prefer to rely on news stories and articles.

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