Avaloq's MIS - powered by zeb

Avaloq's MIS - powered by zeb - is a 100% technically integrated solution and allows banks to get a proven controlling functionality to help optimize their profitabilty.

Key features

  • Optimized profit center controlling by considering historical data and customer changes
  • Ensurement of a single source of data by using the MIS data warehouse
  • Identical definition of key figures and dimensions based on the integrated standard interface
  • Calculation of all KPIs based on long business experience with the possibility of individual enhancements
  • Optimization of release rollouts and simplified processes by having a single contact partner


Avaloq's MIS - powered by zeb - is fully integrated into the Avaloq Banking Suite and allows to control the profitabilty of banks in every market situation by providing integrated standard reports. As a bank management solution stemming from a know-how of more than 25 years of project experience, it enables an optimized controlling of profit centers by considering historical data and gives the possiblity to enhance its solution with optional risk or treasury functionalities of zeb.control. By allowing drill-downs from the MIS reports down to the transaction level and roll-ups to the MIS level, a seamless navigation between MIS and Avaloq Banking Suite becomes possible.



Company: zeb
Category: Digital Channels
Released: 28 June 2018
Type: Embedded