Interactive Advisor

Interactive Advisor is an investment and sales content and personalization hub. Its intelligent recommendation engine enables investment and sales teams to deliver content that fully matches with user profiles and preferences at any point within the client journey.

Key features

  • Content personalization engine
  • Content integration hub
  • Dedicated content authoring and management capabilities for investment and sales teams
  • Smart APIs for downstream system integration
  • Analytics dashboard


Prepare and manage with IA Content Manager: Dedicated content authoring and management capabilities for investment and sales teams. Predefined data structures and business friendly authoring features that give support to create the content for your investment and sales process. IA Content Manager’s digitalized content-gathering process frees client advisors and sales persons to do what they do best – help their clients make good investment decisions. Orchestrate and Execute with IA Distribution Manager: Delivering content that is relevant to the client can be a painstaking process. IA Distribution Manager integrates content from numerous sources into a single platform, thus creating an actual content hub that simplifies content distribution and enables content managers to cater to specific motives and interests, thus heightening the impact of your communication at each step of the advisory process. Personalize with IA Recommendation Engine: Providing clients with more content on more channels never achieves the desired results. Personalization does. Intelligent matching algorithms give client advisors more control over their outreach to clients and prospects. It helps them identify, track and pursue opportunities ultimately enabling them to close more deals and grow the bank’s market share. Comply with IA Suitability Engine: Communicating with clients automatically subjects client advisors to certain risks. Automatizing the informational part of the advisory process makes these risks more manageable, thus making content distribution more compliant with regulatory processes and requirements. Analyze with IA Analytics: Analyze, discover and act to gain a deeper understanding of your customer base and their needs. IA Analytics provides you with reports and dashboards plus ad-hoc analysis capabilities.

Company description

Interactive Advisor is a software framework that enables banks to successfully engage their clients throughout the advisory process with the right content at the right time in the right format. The framework supports persons from the investment and sales process to create, manage and distribute their information for the advisory process. Consumers of the information are client advisors, propsects and/ or clients.



Company: Adviscent
Category: Client Communication Management
Released: 01 April 2019
Type: Open API