Contovista’s multibanking solutions for individuals and SMEs seamlessly integrates with any digital banking system, independent of the core banking system. Contovista offers full multibanking capabilities with platforms such as bLink and EBICS.

Key features

  • Effortless bank integration: Your customers can seamlessly add new banks to their digital banking account with just a few clicks.
  • Comprehensive financial overview: Get an instant financial overview thanks to automated account aggregation of all linked accounts.
  • Simplified access with one login: Automatic categorisation of connected accounts, including transaction data enrichment such as merchant logos, “pretty names”, and many more.


Contovista’s multibanking solution seamlessly integrates with any digital banking system, independent of the core banking system. As a “service user”, Contovista can already offer full multibanking capabilities with platforms such as bLink.

Multibanking  for Individuals

With automated account aggregation in multibanking, your customers can reap the benefits of automated balance reconciliation and a real-time consolidated overview of their finances. They can access all their accounts from different banks in one digital banking environment with a single login. This streamlined approach simplifies the management of multiple accounts, enhances transparency, and offers greater convenience for users.

Multibanking for SMEs

Since all transactions across the linked accounts are pooled in one place, the informative value of the analytics insights increases. What’s more, liquidity planning across all accounts is significantly simplified. Our financial cockpit generates tangible added value and directly strengthens customer loyalty.

Company description

Contovista is a fintech leader specializing in enhancing banking experiences with data-driven insights and AI. It offers Personal Finance Manager (PFM) and Business Finance Manager (BFM) tools, designed to provide actionable financial information for individuals and SMEs. Its solutions integrate into digital banking platforms, improving user engagement through personalized banking experiences.

Leveraging machine learning, Contovista transforms complex financial data into understandable insights, enabling users to improve their financial health. It also offers add-ons like the Carbon Footprint Manager for eco-conscious spending and a Multibanking solution for managing multiple accounts effortlessly.

With a focus on financial literacy and sustainability, Contovista simplifies financial management, making it accessible to a broad audience and establishing itself as a pioneer in the future of digital banking.



Company: Contovista
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Released: 05 March 2024